Coffee and thoughts

I have recently realized that I think and write better with a cup of steaming coffee at my side. The stronger the aroma, the faster my thought processes. There are three reasons for this realization. First is, I have always imagined a writer writing something frantically while sipping coffee. To me, a work desk without a coffee mug on it is almost a sacrilege. Second, whenever I decide to write something, I procastinate – let me have my coffee first. Because, what gives a better kick than coffee? The third and the lamest reason, another excuse for more guilt-free caffeine intake.

This makes me wonder what if, this becomes my writing quirk? Like, successful novelist Mark Twain and George Orwell used to write in bed. They claimed to be able to write better in a sleeping position. Virginia Woolf was known to pen down her thoughts whilst in a standing position. The famous bestselling author, Dan Brown, believes that hanging upside down helps him in curing writer’s block. Hemingway used to write only after having a large amount of alcohol. His famous adage is, “write drunk, edit sober”. I was so inspired by Hemingway that I had even told a friend that I want to try it to see if my drunk mind thinks better. Sadly, I haven’t, yet.

There was this weird quirk of Victor Hugo, who used to write naked.
No, I am not comparing myself with these above mentioned Gods of literature. I dare not, ever. I am just citing examples of peculiar quirks they have/had. I would be happy if drinking a large amount of coffee becomes my quirk and helps me in writing better and more often. But, my mamma won’t be happy about it. She just doesn’t like the fact that I run on coffee.

According to her, the root of every problem in my life is coffee. My occasional grey hair, absentmindedness (did I spell it right?), abnormal sleeping patterns, mood swings, all because of coffee. I fail to understand her logic, and she fails to understand my need.

I should also mention here that it is impossible to write with my mom being in the same room. She would constantly interrupt my deep thoughts with random questions or neighborhood gossip. My ‘I am thinking, mom’ announcements is of no use to her. She just doesn’t understand my writing process. When I stop typing in mid-sentence and stare into the oblivion for ideas or thoughts, she thinks I am depressed and would constantly ask me what happened. People say, when two person love each other deeply even the silence between them is beautiful. Not for mom and me, atleast.

Luckily, I have been successful in finding a common ground now. I write only when mom is not at home or asleep. Mostly when she is asleep. Because, I love writing at night. This can be another quirk! The eerie silence of the night helps me in clearing my mind. I feel I am in my most creative form when everyone else is asleep. It gives me the peace I want, and helps me concentrate. I love writing when it rains. I love writing while travelling too. But, writing at night is the most favorite. I believe one needs a perfect environment for any kind of creative work. It may differ from person to person. I almost have an elaborate imagination of how mine should look like.

I dream of this amazing coast side bungalow, with an open deck hugging it from every side. There is this eerie silence at night except for the occasional tides crashing in. My work station is right in the center of the balcony, facing the sea. I imagine myself walking to the edge of the deck looking for new ideas and thoughts, until I couldn’t get any closer. The place also has its own step down touching the rocky coast, where I would sit for hours in search of inspiration. With a cup of coffee in my hand, of course.

If you are reading this, do tell me about your quirks and dream work (writing) environment.

Stubbornly optimistic, a listener of the universe and follower of my dreams. Coffee, smell of new books, long walks, old melodies, good sense of humour, and poetry light me up. I want to be happy when I grow up.

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