Day 7 – Successful one week.

I was very happy to have completed one week successfully. That too, without any excuses or hesitation. It may be a tiniest achievement as compared to my main target, but I am still proud of myself. To commit to something daily requires a lot of determination, focus, and a constant reminder of why you started. The difficult part is not running, it is keeping yourself motivated to do it regularly. I am trying many things to keep myself motivated.

I follow a lot of fitness fanatics on Instagram, my favourite is #fatgirlfedup. They give me the daily dose of encouragement I need. I watch different running videos on YouTube, and learn different tips and tricks. I read blogs about how to work out without any professional help. I look for inspiring quotes on the internet, to look up to when I feel low. I started uploading an after workout photo on WhatsApp for everyone to see, because I love how I look in them. Also because, I wanted to let everyone know about my journey by this daily photo update. Now I just cannot miss out on uploading those photos, because my friends keep asking me if I went for my run. There are people cheering on me. People telling me I am motivating them. I feel so great about it.

This was me after Day 7. The contentment you get after running is infectious!

Stubbornly optimistic, a listener of the universe and follower of my dreams. Coffee, smell of new books, long walks, old melodies, good sense of humour, and poetry light me up. I want to be happy when I grow up.

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