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Book 1: I knew Stephen King since I was a kid. I knew that his writings are a legacy for American Literature. But, I haven’t read any of his books. Horror is not my genre, you see. It scares the shit out of me. I stay away from horror movies too, I can’t constantly keep looking over my shoulder. I don’t want to feed my over imaginative mind the seeds of this genre. So, I never tried to lay my hands on any of King’s work.

One day, while I was looking for writing motivation online, I came across a short writing advice from Ogilvy. Then, one blog lead to another another and I stumbled upon King’s famous writing advices. That’s when I came to know about this famous title. Over the years, I read many snippets from this book on various articles and blogs. Everyone claims this title to be the best advice one could ever find on writing. Ever since then I wanted to read it. I knew if I ever decide to write my first book, inspiration has to come from King’s ‘On writing’. I never went running after it though, I wanted it to come to me at the right time. At a book launch event, last year, I heard the author saying how this title motivated her to actually start writing her first book. This incident rekindled my desire. But, I still choose to not buy it myself. I wanted the involvement of some cosmic power. I wanted some sign. I wanted this book to come to me on its own.

Two weeks ago, I found this book at my friend’s place. Out of excitement, I asked her if I can borrow it. She couldn’t let me, because she is doing her doctoral research on King and often needs to refer to this title. Also, she stays 7-8 hours away. So borrowing it for a day or two was not practical. My fiancĂ© was in US at that time, and we were not talking because of the horrific time difference. That’s why I couldn’t share my excitement on encountering the title that I was waiting for, for years.

Two days later, he had went to Barnes and Nobles. He was asking me to give him a list of authors that I want to read, but I was too lazy to give him that. So, he called me to ask what I need from B&N, I didn’t answer. I was having dinner, and I wasn’t expecting him to call at that time. His schedule at NY was tight, he knew he wouldn’t be visiting the store again. So, he went ahead and bought this King’s title. I totally consider this as a sign. And, this doesn’t ends here. To make it more cosmic, he went ahead and wrote a note too. I can’t wait to start reading it now.

Book 2: There are few books/authors that are so special that you just can’t buy them online. You need to see it and buy it there and then. There should be some kind of romance in that first meeting. Like caressing the cover very delicately, holding the book closer and sniffing it’s crispy pages. Books like this should be bumped into unexpectedly someday, and your eyes should light up at the encounter. Just buying them online and waiting for ages for them to come seems disrespectful. I only imagine such books waiting; at a swanky bookstore or under a haphazard pile of books in a second-hand shop, or at a friend’s personal library, to be asked out in the most classiest way one could think of. Plath is one such. But unfortunately, I never saw Plath in any bookstores ever. Not even in book fairs. And, if you do see her at your friend’s bookshelf, chances are that there might be a line of people waiting for that book already. Maybe that’s why I blurted out her name when my fiancĂ© asked me what he should get me from the Strand (I had no idea that Strand is world famous) Bookstore, NY. I just couldn’t think of anybody else. Plath seemed like the perfect contender.

Book 3: In January 2016, I came across Hal Elrod on YouTube. After listening to one of his intriguing speech, and learning about his life struggle, I started looking for this bestseller. Those days I had trouble getting up early in the morning. Even now I do, but the situation was worst then. And for me, verbal gyan doesn’t work as much as books do. So, I felt this book would solve my problem. I felt this was the miracle I was waiting for, so much that I started hunting for this book crazily. It wasn’t available online, so I called up all the bookstores in the city to find out if they have a copy. I didn’t find it anywhere. I even called up few of the Crossword outlets outside Delhi. They didn’t have it either. Although, they did say they could arrange it, but it could take a month or so. I declined the offer. Because as stupid as it may sound, I have a policy when it comes to books- “If you are having a hard time finding a book, then don’t run after it. Wait. It will come to you at the right time“. So, I stopped looking for it and waited. I had this weird feeling that I won’t find it in India, and will eventually buy it from the US of A only, and that’s what happened. It got thoughtfully picked up for me from the Amazon store, NY. And, the timing couldn’t have been more appropriate. Since, I am seriously considering of joining the 5am club soon. I hope this book helps me in strengthening my resolution.

Every TBR has a story. Don’t you agree?

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