Time and again

The first time I fell in love, I fell
because he was tall, fair and handsome.
And wore good perfume.
He wrote to me
my first romantic letter
saying, “Without you, I feel like
what Alexander the great
might have felt while crossing
the Gedrosian desert”.
And reading it, I almost heard
my ‘fluttering’ heart.
And when over coffee,
he introduced me
to Bryan Adams and
Erich Segal.
My mind acted all nonsensical.

The second time I fell in love,
I was sixteen.
When on a sunny afternoon,
He looked into my eyes and
said he loves me,
I thought that’s what ‘true love’ means.

For third time, I totally blame Sparks.
For, by this time (thanks to his work),
I had already became the
‘hopeless romantic’ kind.
I walked hand-in-hand
On the edge of the sea;
and smiled at every flattery.

Fourth time,
I was trying not to.
Yet, it came in the most
unexpected way.
And swept me off my feet
And made me sway.
I fell in love again. This time
Joyful and simple, it seemed.
For, in his eyes I saw
How I mean the world to him.

Stubbornly optimistic, a listener of the universe and follower of my dreams. Coffee, smell of new books, long walks, old melodies, good sense of humour, and poetry light me up. I want to be happy when I grow up.

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